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Daphne Lee Martin 'Frost'

Image of Daphne Lee Martin 'Frost'

$9.99 - On Sale

Available on CD or vinyl

Frost is the second of twin records: Frost & Moxie. Where Moxie was the ‘hooker with the heart of gold’, Frost is decidedly the sweetheart you fall in love with the moment you meet. From the bellyfullofbutterflies of a first kiss in Night We Fell In Love to the sweet ache of long distance in I Still Want You and Five Points to the silly honesty that comes of being together through thick and thin in The Book of Love and Smile At Perfect Strangers, this record tells the other side of the story: In each of us is the capacity for sublime love, just as in each of us lives the desire for freefall into our own darkness.

Track List:
1. Little Birds (4:42)
2. The Book of Love (3:53)
3. Night We Fell In Love (6:14)
4. Make It Rain (6:08)
5. More Flies With Honey (3:45)
6. Smile At Perfect Strangers (3:41)
7. I Still Want You (4:19)
8. Five Points (5:10)